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"I chose Dr. Khoury for my breast reduction because I thought he was a perfectionist. He did an excellent job and really changed my life." 

- Idalia V, Breast Reduction


"The scars are really, really small so you can't tell. My friends think I look amazing compared to how I looked before. It's a tremendous difference."

- Lisa D, Liposuction


"I've seen the work he does, and the most difficult cases that he's done, he handles beautifully. He really is an artist, there's no question about it. Many women get plastic surgery on their faces, and inevitably they look like different people. This is not the case when Dr. Khoury does the surgery. The patients look more rested, younger, and more vibrant. I am very impressed by the work he does."  

- Dr. Octavius Pastore, Colleague


"The artistry of his incisions, the way that he does the surgery, the healing is very quick." 

- Marta D, Facelift


"Before I wasn't feeling very good about myself. Now I walk around proud and I feel much happier. Dr. Khoury gave me my confidence back."

- Annie R, Breast Augmentation


"I interviewed several doctors before I chose Dr. Khoury. I thought he was the best.  He took the most time to explain everything to me, probably over an hour answering all my questions. He didn't make me feel like he had somewhere else to be. After the procedure he called me at home to let me know that if there was something I didn't understand, he was there to explain it to me. This is something you don’t get from most doctors. You usually have an operation, go home, and it's a done deal. That didn't happen with him."

- Mary A, Liposuction


"My friends now say to me, 'oh, haven't you lost weight, you look so good, what is it?' and nobody has said to me 'oh, you had a facelift,' because I don't have the deer in the headlights look. The results are very natural looking. 


I think Dr. Khoury is a very special doctor. He's a perfectionist. This is not what one sees in cosmetic surgery everywhere. When I went with Dr. Khoury I knew that he had really served in the trenches. I've seen him in the emergency room, I've seen him minister to small children, and grown ups like myself, and I had a great confidence in his medical ability." 

- Linda G, Facelift


"Dr. Khoury is the only plastic surgeon I trust and I recommend him to all my friends. I had seen one plastic surgeon prior to seeing Dr. Khoury, and I was disappointed with the results. Going to Dr. Khoury was a relief and a joy compared to my prior experience, and he was able to correct the mistakes that were previously done on my nose. My face has never looked better, and I owe it all to Dr. Khoury." 

- Jacqueline C, Nose Surgery